The activities

The EMSC gathers and disseminates rapid information on earthquakes and their effects. Information is contributed by seismological agencies in the Euro-Med region and around the world, by citizen observers providing eyewitness-observations, and also derived from analysis of twitter data. The EMSC ‘LastQuake’ app, as well as the desktop and mobile websites, are the main dissemination tools for the general public, whereas information for scientists is provided through openly accessible interfaces and web services.

The EMSC actively engages in European and international projects that support its activities and regularly presents them in scientific journals, conferences, and media appearances.

As part of EPOS and member of the EPOS Seismology Consortium, EMSC engages in the European level coordination of seismological data and product services. Wherever possible, EMSC services are integrated in the EPOS data platform.

Recognized among the world-leading scientific centres in the areas of Earth and Climate sciences, the EMSC is also a partner in ARISTOTLE, where it contributes to the emergency assessment by providing advice and operational services for disaster risk and earthquake hazard.

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Latest appearances

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