mb 4.7 South-East of UK on 28/04/2007 07:18 UTC

An event of magnitude mb 4.7 occurred on 28/04/2007 at 07:18 UTC South-East of the United Kingdom.
Distances to cities: 51 kmk South-East of Gillingham ; 13 km South-West of Folkestone ; 20 km South-East of Ashford ;

The earthquake was felt as far afield as Essex, East Sussex and Suffolk and also in Calais (France).

According to the BBC, emergency services reports damages such as craks in walls, fallen chimneys in Flokestone and nearby areas. Many gas escapes are also reported. There are no reports of fatalities.

EDF Energy said it had managed to restore electricity to most of the several thousand homes left without power in the Folkestone and Dover area.

The British Geological Survey said the tremor, which occurred at 08:18 (British Time), was the largest British earthquake since one in Dudley, West Midlands, in 2002. Two significant earthquakes occurred in this area in 1776 and 1950.

Two small earthquakes - measuring 3.5 - were felt on Boxing Day 2006 by people in Dumfries and Galloway. On 23 September 2002, Dudley in the West Midlands was the epicentre of an earthquake with a magnitude of 5.0.

Article from Alice Walker and Roger Musson, British Geological Survey, Edinburgh

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Article from Bob Herrmann - Saint Louis University 

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